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Image by Varun Gaba

How many times have you looked in your closet said “ I have nothing to wear!”  Then you spent 45 minutes trying something on, taking it off, trying something on and taking it off then to speak upon yourself horrible terrible words that aren’t  true but by now – you’ve convinced yourself they are.


And – now you’ve got piles of clothes laying at your feet that fit or not, that are in style or not and you are annoyed and feel “no Bueno"



My fun, my joy comes from helping you put a stop to all this nonsense.  How much time would you save if you only put on one outfit, with accessories and were ready to walk out the door?  How would you feel if everything in your closet fit you properly?

How good would you feel on the inside if you were pleased with the outside?


If you ready to be your best self – right now – you have come to the right place.   I can help[p you with a Closet Clean Up where we go through your clothes deciding what to purge, donate, keep or alter and assess where the holes in your wardrobe may be. 

  • Closet Cleanse:  Just what it sounds like – cleaning out your closet making decisions to toss, donate, keep or alter the current seasons pieces.  We will make a list of suggested items to fill in where you may need them in your wardrobe.  $200

  • Special Shop: Shopping for a special occasion, a photoshoot or a speaking engagement. We will go shopping and dress you from tip to toe.  $200

  • Seasonal Shopping Trip: We shop at stores that fit both your budget and personality.  I arrive to the store at least an hour ahead of time and pre-pull clothes for you – all you have to do is try them on – I make it easy peasy for you.  $300

  • Closet Re-Vamp: l take the items you own and mix and match and re-vamp your look.  I will organize it along the way.  I will make you a look book to remember your new combo’s.  $300

  • Vacation Pack and Outfit Choice: Never know what to pack or how to coordinate it all ? I can  get you ready for your upcoming trip by helping you select trendy, practical and coordinated outfits.  I will pack your bags and make a virtual look book for you.  $300

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